Senator Miller realizes that an individual's health has a tremendous effect on his or her family, job, community and the state, and he has worked tirelessly to provide all families with access to quality care regardless of income, to hold health insurers accountable, and to provide affordable options for small business.

Josh has worked to make healthcare and community wellness a priority in Rhode Island:

  • Prioritized addressing the needs of the uninsured while also seeking  accountability for insurers
  • Worked to reduce costs and increase quality of care by moving people out of the emergency room and into their doctor's office for preventive care
  • Sponsored and passed landmark legislation that eliminated health status as a rating factor for small group plans
  • Pushed for the Medical Cost Ratio bill to reduce the percentage of funds that a health insurer can apply to administrative costs
  • Advocated for tighter restrictions to force insurers to be more cost-conscious on the administrative end without reducing the quality of patient care
  • Championed the elimination of pre-existing conditions in determining health coverage here in the state, well before the debate hit the national stage