The Economy


As a business owner, Senator Miller knows that small business provides the backbone of Rhode Island's economy, and he has taken the reins to facilitate job growth and create an environment where small businesses can prosper.

Josh has worked diligently to both increase communication with the state and simplify government processes:

  • Created green jobs through support of renewable energy projects
  • Served as chair of the Senate Committee on Corporations (now known as Senate Committee on Commerce), leading passage of the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Act
  • Sponsored legislation for the consolidation of forms and paperwork to streamline licensing processes and reduce the hurdles associated with starting and growing a small business
  • Served as Vice Chair on the Small Business Task Force, a committee working to ease communication issues between government and business owners
  • Conducted business tours in his community, bringing key officials including U.S. Senator Whitehouse to meet local business owners