District 28 - Cranston/Providence

I am proud to serve and represent District 28, which is comprised of two of the largest cities in Rhode Island, Cranston and Providence. This district is an important economic and environmental area of the state, as it hosts many key businesses and natural and ecological habitats.

The City of Cranston is home to a diverse population of residents, many small and large businesses, and a three and a half mile shoreline along the Providence River and Narragansett Bay. There are more than twenty five neighborhoods in the city. District 28 includes the areas of Pawtuxet, Edgewood and Washington Park and west of the Cranston Stadium.*

District 28 also includes the section of Providence along Narragansett Boulevard that is home to the Johnson and Wales Harbourside Campus. Providence is well known for its cultural and historical background and the important role it plays in Rhode Island's economy.

*Information from City of Cranston website