The Environment


As an environmental leader and energy-efficient citizen motoring around on his scooter, Senator Miller cares deeply about the health of his community and the surrounding environment. His work in the State House has led to the creation of green jobs, the reduction of pollution and the protection of our bay.

Among his many environmental achievements are the following:

  • Passed landmark legislation to reduce diesel emissions at state and local construction sites while limiting the affect on business, winning accolades from both sides of the issue.
  • Sponsored and passed landmark legislation allowing long-term contracts with renewable energy development companies and put Rhode Island on the path as the first state to host an offshore wind farm.
  • Sponsored and passed legislation to expedite the development of small, local renewable energy projects.
  • Earned the "Environmental Hero" award from the state's top environmental advocacy groups for his work to pass the first-of-its-kind renewable energy law.
  • Allowed businesses to take advantage of net metering so they may provide excess energy back to their homes, municipalities and businesses rather than having it going to waste
  • Continued efforts to reduce dependency on fossil fuels Provided funds for the clean up of Edgewood's Stillhouse Cove
  • Worked to protect the natural eco-system by holding companies accountable for development waste and runoff that affect environmental growth
  • Opposed Weaver's Cove LNG project